reconstruction in progress (left) and a 17th century jug from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (right)

Atelier Able manufactures reproductions of historical objects. It works with a range of different materials and periods but it’s main focus is on late medieval and post medieval ceramics. reproductions by Atelier Able can be used for educational purposes, historical experiments and in everyday life. Customers range from re-enactors and museums to collectors or everyday users. In order to get as close as possible to the original objects; archaeological artefacts, literature, contemporary art and written sources are studied with great care. Coming to the production, authentic materials are chosen and worked only by hand, following the historical production process as close as necessary to get a product without traces of modern making. It is, however, not the intend of Atelier Able to deliver forgeries. The products are reconstructions of the historical originals and should always be sold as such.